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CARC Altitude Lounge & New Facilities

Date : 30 Nov 21   to 31 Dec 22  
Day : Mon to Sun
Time : 9.30 am  - 10.30 pm
Venue : CARC Altitude Lounge & New Facilities
Member Fee : Refer above
Guest Fee : Refer

CARC Altitude Club Lounge & New Facilities

Sleek, modern and spacious, the recently opened Altitude Lounge is CARC’s newest members-only gathering space. Mix your drinks behind the bar, while daylight streams in from floor to ceiling windows and your guests recline on plush sofas amidst sophisticated marble and wood interiors. Featuring newly revamped interiors, large screen TVs, surround sound systems and comfortable seating, this is the ideal venue to take your social gatherings to even greater heights.




**Revised Rate**


Corporate Booking Rate For CARC Facilities


Member’s Booking Rate For CARC Facilities

 Rules For Using The CARC Altitude Club Lounge & The Flight Deck Lounge 

Terms and Conditions for CARC Facilities

1. The use of the CARC ALTITUDE LOUNGE is exclusively for CARC Ordinary, Special & Associate members.

2. Opening hours from MON - Fri: 8.30am to 9.30pm | Sat, Sun & PH: 9.30am to 9.30pm.

3. A mandatory PRE-EVENT CHECK for the ALTITUDE LOUNGE and THE FLIGHT DECK will be conducted by the CARC staff together with the Member who made the booking. Any defect(s) found during the PRE-EVENT CHECK, will be indicated on the booking form by CARC staff accordingly. 

4. Members and their guest (s) should exercise due care, considerations & social responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and should not wilfully damage or remove any property from the facility.

5. Any damages, stains or tear discovered after the event (Example: coffee stains, wine spillage onto carpet, fabric tear of sofa) has to be reported to CARC staff immediately.

6.  No outside food and beverages or external catering are permitted at Club facilities. All Food and Beverages, including catering services should be purchased from CARC Café. Members can contact CARC Café, Serena @ 8808 6092 or alternatively email: . Corkage charge @ $15/bottle for external alcohols brought into CARC.

7.  Members are required to ensure the facility is clean and neat after usage. All trash is to be cleared by members before leaving.

8. CARC reserves the right to retain the security deposit to off-set any costs incurred by CARC to make good any property damages, hygienic and cleanliness of the facility. CARC will refund the remaining amount to the member after deducting the cost incurred by CARC to make good the facility, if required. In the event, that the cost incurred exceeded the security deposit, CARC reserves the right to demand from member the remaining amount.

9. Members and their guest (s) are required to dress in a manner appropriate to the event they attend or facilities they use.

10. Members are strongly advised in their own interests to undergo a medical health examination before commencing on any course of exercise at CARC.

11. CARC and its employees shall not be liable or responsible for any mishap, injury accident or loss which may occur to any person while on CARC premises.

12. Members and their guest (s) shall adhere to Safe Management Measures (SMM) imposed by Singapore Government and its relevant bodies and enforced by CARC.

13. CARC and its employees reserves the right to refuse any member and their guest(s) entry to the facilities should they did not adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

14. The Management Committee reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at their discretion. 


 For more information of the facilities booking, please call CARC Hotline at 65429001 or email :


Date : 12 Aug 21   to 31 Dec 22  
Day : Monday to Friday
Time : 8.00 am  - 9.00 pm
Venue : CARC Clubhouse
Member Fee : $3.50
Guest Fee : NA


CARC - The Corner Delicacy Cafe & Bar

Date : 07 Nov 20   to 31 Dec 22  
Day : Monday to Friday 10.30am - 10.30pm
Time : 10.30 am  - 10.30 pm
Venue : The Corner Delicacy Cafe & Bar
Member Fee : NA
Guest Fee : NA
Instructor : NA

Hear Ye! A NEW Cafe & Bar at CARC has opened!


Check out on the special promotion to members. Do lookout for their daily specials and Menu.

Operation Hours are stipulated in the poster. 




Please click here for the  <MENU> of The Corner Delicacy Cafe & Bar.


CARC Towel for Purchase

Date : 30 Aug 21   to 31 Dec 22  
Day : Hand Towel: $3 Bath Towel: $7
Venue : CARC
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $


Badminton Experience Package

Date : 01 Jan 22   to 31 Dec 22  
Venue : CARC Badminton Court
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $



Date : 11 Oct 21   to 31 Dec 22  
Day : NA
Time : NA  - NA
Venue : CARC
Member Fee : NA
Guest Fee : NA



To access the By-Laws and Regulations in detail, please click the link provided: By-Laws and Regulations



CARC Corporate Pass 2022

Date : 01 Jan 22   to 31 Dec 22  
Venue : Singapore Zoo & Jewel
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $

Jewel Beleafers - Horticulture Volunteer Programme

Date : 12 Apr 22   to 31 Dec 22  
Venue : Jewel
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $

CARC Karaoke Room Reopening

Date : 25 Apr 22   to 31 Dec 22  
Venue : CARC
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $

Blood Donation Drive - December Run

Date : 15 Dec 22   to 15 Dec 22  
Time : 10am  - 4pm
Venue : CARC
Member Fee : $
Guest Fee : $

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